The Mill

Leaving the interior of the house, and walking back out to the grounds, you will see Dard Hunter's paper mill.

In 1913, Dard built this paper mill, which is located across the road from the main house. The Mill was fashioned after 17th-century Devonshire cottages. Not wanting to compromise his goal to manufacture paper using 17th-century techniques, Dard relied entirely upon a water wheel to generate power for the paper pulper in the mill.

Seen above is a photograph of the Mill from 1914.

Featured above is the interior of the Mill. On the right is Dard Hunter's Hollander beater, which was used to produce paper pulp from cellulose-containing plant fibers. 

Under power (in Dard's case mechanical hydropower harnessed by the water wheel) the blades rotate to beat the fiber into a usable pulp slurry. The beater wheel and plate do not touch, as this would result in cutting. The distance between the two is adjusted to increase or decrease the pressure on the fibers when passing through the beater.