Bedroom & Wolvert Ecker

Walking up to the second story, you'll see traces of the Gomez Mill House's second owner, Wolvert Ecker.

Ecker purchased the site in 1772, and added a second story and attic.

Seen in this room is a four-poster bed, Ecker’s Bible box atop an antique dresser, a washstand from the era, and in the mirror, a spinning wheel.

The room also features a fireplace. Displayed on the mantel, are three images. Looking left to right, you will see an image of Philipsburg Manor, where Wolvert’s namesake grandfather was the manor’s Controller and close friend of Frederick Philipse. In the middle is a grave rubbing for Wolvert’s cousin Deliverance Ecker, and to the far right is the military order regarding the death of Wolvert’s son William Ecker. 

Ecker was a notable resident in Marlborough while residing at the Gomez Mill House. During the Revolutionary War, Ecker was a prominent Patriot and held many meetings here during the war. For more information on Wolvert Ecker, click here.